Come play pickleball at Greentree Sportsplex! We have all 7 courts set up. It is only $5 at the door for 4 hours of play.


Monday – Friday: 8AM – 12PM

Clinics and Tournaments coming in July 2022!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courts are available?

We have three courts available every Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – Noon. Each court has four players allowing a total of 12 total players. Parings rotate throughout each session.

Can you reserve courts?

Pickleball is only available for pickup, Monday – Friday from 8AM – Noon. Our Pickleball sessions are pickup only.

How much is it to play?

It is five dollars at the door each day to play. We take cash and credit cards.

What are the days/hours pickleball is available?

Pickleball is available Monday – Friday from 8AM – Noon. We do not have it on the weekends.

Is equipment available for rental?

Greentree Sportsplex does not have any equipment rentals. You would need to bring your own equipment. We only provide the courts and the nets.

Why can’t we play on the basketball court side?

These courts belong to a tenant. If we consistently have a lot of players, we will look into providing more courts. These courts will only be available in the summer. April – September.

Do you accept an insurance card membership instead of the $5?

I’m sorry, we do not. We do accept insurance card memberships if you would like to use our fitness center or walk on our fields.